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Hey people,


i need some suggestions, i am currently an apple os x and windows xp user.. i am tired of having to have two laptops- the major issue is that i need to have both running- the mac (12" powerbook g4 1.5 /512 ram/80 gigs) and my old sony (15" fxa 1.4 amd /256 ram/ 40 gig) laptop..


now i plan on getting a new laptop becuase i will be selling the 12" powerbook..

now i want to get another small laptop.. i really would like to get a S series VAIO laptop but i need to be able to run OS X without any issues, now would it be better for me to get a 13" macbook.. even though it looks like a no fills deal- should i get the vaio and hack it.. and put osx... is it stable and worth it???


any suggestions and advice..??



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