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need help with protools 7.3 and autotune 6.0.9 ...also some old PowerPC plugins !

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on my MacBook i have in my brothers music studio, I have protools 7.3 installed with a LOT of different plugins. I would like to be able to use autotune 6.0.9, pro tools will NOT see the plug in. i KNOW its the right plug in, because garageband sees it no problem and can use it no problem... but lets be honest, what in the hell am i going to do with garageband? imitate Kesha? no thanks.


i have been trying this for a few weeks now. and i am seriously about to rip my hair out.


i also have some plugins my brother used to run on his PowerMac G5 before it died, and he uses a PowerBook G4 to run them, because my MacBook will not read them. theyre called Waves Diamond Package. I would like to run these on my Intel Mac, as would my brother, because he loves his big Mac Pro, but cant use it for certain beats.


thanks for ANY help guys


(btw this would also go for my hackintosh too.. hehehe)

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