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Help me setup my Mobility FireGL V5200

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Hey, all I have installed JaS 10.4.6 on my Thinkpad T60p and I need to setup the v5200 graphics.


The device id for the v5200 is 71C4


I have tried every tutorial I could find to setup the graphics, often reinstalling OS X between methods. I have attempted setting up using






I get either no QE/CI support, black screen, vertical stripes, cursor only + color boxes, after attempting the above methods. (of course, I substituted 71C4 wherever a guide called for an ID)


Maybe my kexts need to be rolled back to previous versions? I don't know


Any help would greatly be appreciated!


thanks (this forum has given me so much info by the way - it's a great resource)

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Struggling myself with almost identical T60p (see sig) running JaS 10.4.6 + JaS 10.4.7 patch (w/ no kext)


Got QE/CI support and 1440 x1050 res (manual edit of boot file), but am experiencing mouse tearing and no ability to easely change resolutions in preferences. No biggie on the res change, but the mouse tearing is very annoying, even though I am using mouse locator as a bandaid.


Followed tutorial HERE, but if I do NOT touch the "ATINDRV.kext" it works 90% (as described above).


My vendor id & device id are exactly like your's: 1002 & 71C4


So again, if I change to "<string>IOPCIDevice</string>" and "<string>display</string>" inside "ATINDRV.kext" then I get Black screen!!!


So I am VERY close, just not 100%. Maybe I need to change "ATINDRV.kext" in a different way, but how?


Anyone else got any insights or has gotten any further with the FireGL V5200 in the IBM T60p laptop?




P.S. Seems like the darn ATINDRV.kext is the black sheep. A few fine folks are working hard on the issue HERE





IBM T60p (2623-D8U) - BIOS v1.09a

| 2GB RAM | 2x 100GB 7k100 | 256MB FireGL V5200 |

| Atheros AR5006EX | 9 cell | DVD Multi | XP+VISTA+OSX86 10.4.7 |

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