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USB Port Not Working


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After hours of troubleshooting I've come to the conclusion the USB port not occupied in this pic does not work with my Dell keyboard or mouse:




that open port doesn't work with








It works with any other USB device (ie External drive) in that slot at full speed, but when the keyboard is in it, pressing caps etc. will flicker the light and the mouse just ceases to light up.


The port works fine with the mouse + keyboard in Windows 7 x64 and Linux. The keyboard and mouse will work if plugged into any of the other 3 ports in the back, the 2 in the front, or my USB hub:




My mouse and keyboard will work if I plug the hub into that port then plug the keyboard/mouse into that port.


If I were to guess, it's something to do with the IRQs or some USB conflict in that specific port on the back for my keyboard or mouse. Even when only 1 is plugged in, that port will not work with the dell mouse/keyboard in Mac OS X 10.6.6.


If you know the solution or any troubleshooting steps I have missed, please speak up ;D

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