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  1. I was trying to figure out what went wrong with my install... had a fine working iAtkos L1 install (same problem attempting to istall L2 though) that wouldn't boot after I configured the BIOS and setup RAID0 with two SSD's on Windows 7. Just confirming the problem with having Lion on a 3rd drive, not apart of the RAID array. As long as the BIOS is set to RAID even though it's not a part of the array, it will no longer work.
  2. Kernel Panic 50% at Boot

    Couldn't find a kernel dump log anywhere... OS X is lacking in many respects. Anywho, I rebuilt cache and repaired permissions and all seems well.
  3. I never understood this over the years I've been on this site. Viewing posts always shows none: There should be an easy to access button that will show all my posts in plain sight, that works! Like having: as a menu under Logged in as: username
  4. About 50 percent of the time when I boot, it will kernel panic. Running 10.7.2 on: HP Pavillion a6648f PC - Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3GHz - NVidia GeForce GT 460 SE 1024MB - 4GB RAM
  5. nVidia GeForce 8800Gtx DEAD

    My 8800 also died, then I switched to a 9400GT. Slower, but not noticeable on OS X.
  6. GTX 460 SE

    Last time I tried hackintoshing I couldn't get past 1024x768 or QE/CI working with my GTX 460 SE 1GB. Is there a way to get it running yet? Most of my searches result in GTX 460 not the GTX 460 SE. Motherboard IPIBIL-LB Q6600 BSEL'd to 3GHz, hackintosh compatible.
  7. Chance of GMA 3100 Ever Working

    What are the chances of the GMA 3100 ever getting proper resolution and Quartz Extreme ever working in Snow Leopard? For those who don't know, the GMA 3100 is an onboard graphics with 128MB Shared VRam in desktops, not the X3100 that's in laptops. The GMA 3100 works fine in 10.5.x but has never worked in 10.6.x, so I doubt Lion will have support for it.
  8. How does one go about making a bootable USB to install on a hackintosh compatible PC, using Windows? I've tried following http://greyhead.co.uk/osx86-installer-pc. When I got to the point "select partition 1" it says there is no partition selected, even though list partition shows Partition 1 with an asrerisk beside it. Does anyone have a better method or know of a fix? I do not have access to an OS X PC and only have ever seen 4 in my life.
  9. I got a really cheap laptop, the Acer Aspire 5551-2384, off of eBay. Now I already have a 100% compatible hackintoshed Dell Mini 10v and HP Pavillion a6648f w/ 460gtx so I have some past experience with hackintoshes. Now I have 0% experience installing onto an AMD/ATI laptop (excluding a Dell Inspiron 1501 which could not run OSX). The specs of this laptop are as follows: -AMD Athlon II X2 processor P320 (2.1GHz) -ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics Up to 1917MB HyperMemory -15.6" HD LED LCD -4 GB Memory -250 GB HDD -DVD-Super Multi DL drive -Acedr Nplify 802.11b/g/n -6-cell Li-ion battery or Check the official Website Are these parts hackintosh compatible and if so, which kexts would I need. If say the GFX is not available, or wifi, is there a thread I can monitor where people are working on it as we speak? Thanks!
  10. After hours of troubleshooting I've come to the conclusion the USB port not occupied in this pic does not work with my Dell keyboard or mouse: that open port doesn't work with or It works with any other USB device (ie External drive) in that slot at full speed, but when the keyboard is in it, pressing caps etc. will flicker the light and the mouse just ceases to light up. The port works fine with the mouse + keyboard in Windows 7 x64 and Linux. The keyboard and mouse will work if plugged into any of the other 3 ports in the back, the 2 in the front, or my USB hub: My mouse and keyboard will work if I plug the hub into that port then plug the keyboard/mouse into that port. If I were to guess, it's something to do with the IRQs or some USB conflict in that specific port on the back for my keyboard or mouse. Even when only 1 is plugged in, that port will not work with the dell mouse/keyboard in Mac OS X 10.6.6. If you know the solution or any troubleshooting steps I have missed, please speak up ;D
  11. I do not want to disable spotlight, I just do not want it searching while it's not selected and text is still in the field.
  12. Spotlight continues to tax all my HDD's when I am clicking around, doing other things. At first I didn't know it was Spotlight but I clicked the Magnifying glass, and noticed as long as a search term is entered there, even when Spotlight isn't selected, it's searching. You must manually clear the text field in Spotlight to stop it from searching. Is there a way to have it just stop searching when I'm not using it, instead of me having to manually clear the field?
  13. 9400GT 1GB Snow Leopard

    I can install SL and work it with my onboard Intel GMA 3100 but I need my 9400 1GB working to use both monitors. I haven't played with hackintoshes in months but I'll see if I can get it working now.. Edit: Installed a copy of 10.6.3 ontop of the 10.5.8 and used the Graphics Enabler boot flag. Took like 15 minutes+ to boot the DVD but once it booted, I installed over 10.5.8 and took a shower. Got back, it was fully functional dual monitors 1 DVI 1 VGA Gonna update to 10.6.4 now. I love you guys!!! Now if only iTunes kept synced with multi-boot configs All my apps and music are set to Windows 7. Oh well.
  14. 9400GT 1GB Snow Leopard

    Does anyone know how to get the NVidia 9400GT 1GB model working in Snow Leopard yet? I tried months ago to no avail, so I'm still stuck on 10.5.8. I've read numerous threads but since it's September I thought maybe someone got it working but has yet to post how.
  15. DVD Drive Crashes

    Didn't fix the crashing for me.