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Problem with Chameleon and Ubuntu.


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Hi, thanks for having a look.

Over the last few days I have got my new, and first, hackintosh running.


I used a Gigabyte EX58-UD5, an i7 920 along with a Nvidia 480GTX. (All watercooled BTW..not that it makes a difference..I'm just bragging).


I installed OSX Windows 7 and Ubuntu each to their own partition on a 1Tb drive.

I used a MBR partition table as the GUID/MBR highbred is too fragile for me,(if I needed to re-install windows, I couldn't due to the GPT partition error).


Right, so I've got OS X and 7 installed, with 7 set as primary, booting into 7.


I now install Ubuntu, specifying grub should be installed to /.




Windows 7....???


Now I've gone into OSX and set OS X to be active, booted windows to be given the 0xc000000e error, so I run Diskpart from the Win 7 install disk, set disk0s2 (windows) to active, run a repair and then before clicking restart, swap to diskpart and set disk0s1 (OS X) to active.


Reboot and I'm taken to chameleon (RC6) OS X and Windows now both boot perfectly, but no sign of Ubuntu.


The partitions are there and visible through various partition tools but I just can't get to it.


I know I could use diskpart or fdisk to set the Ubuntu disk to active to boot it but how do I get Chameleon to see it?


Is there some sort of config file I can edit or is it just the case that Ubuntu has done something odd on install?




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