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All done except for video card! Geforce 6200 LE 256MB


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Hey Guys,


I'm a long time reader that finally tried to build my own OSX86 machine. Here are the specs:


Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4Ghz

Intel DG33TL Motherboard

Kingston 4GB DDR2-800

Seagate 750GB Hard Drive


Geforce 6200L 256MB. Possible turbocache.


I have 10.6.3 installed.


Other than randomly taking a long time (2-3minutes) to boot everything works except the video card. It is detected, but there is no acceleration (thats QE/CI right?), and resolution is 1024x768. I used this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=209776


I've Tried to add NVenabler, NVinject, and Natit kexts with Kexthelper from that guide, and it always results in a panic on the next boot and i have to reformat the PC.


I also tried Graphics Enabler command in the apple.boot.plist and that didnt help either.


Lastly, I tried forcing my monitors 1920x1200 resolution with the GraphicsMode lines, but it wont go past 1280x1024.


Can someone pleae help me?

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I tired booting into 32bit mode. Hit TAB at Chameleon RC4 screen, got to the Darwin bootloader and typed arch=i386. The card was still not detected.


Typing "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" in Chameleon results in a panic.


Anything else I could try or am I doing something wrong?

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no, i'm asking if you went that route already. use osx86tool or something...


When i installed my 10.6.3 using iatkos, i used the EFI string option in the graphics driver area.



Can you give me a more detailed method on how to do that? As in, where to click and what to type in.


Also, I pulled a 7900GTX out of another system of mine and used the "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" line, which resulted in a blinking blue screen that just sat there. What does that mean? This didnt happen with the other card, I just got a kernel panic with the 6200.

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