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Boots, but need kexts


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I installed Iatkos V3 and i can get it to boot up but i have to use

"cpus=1 -v -f -x busratio=20"


my usb ports works, but i can't use my keyboard or touch pad on my laptop.

when i installed iatkos i did a basic install the only thing i changed was my boot loader to chameleonV5


i have windows 7 on my hard drive and can boot up in it, so i can change my files for snow leopard in windows.


If more information is needed let me know.



i'd also like to add if anyone can help with what i need to do to fix the cpus=1 and busratio=20 and why i always have to boot in safe mode that would be awesome.


i get an error when i boot up regular, ACIP or what ever that achip thing is, local error and i get a 64\ lots of words






Ok so i can now boot up by typing in cpus=1 busratio=20 -f thats all i need to type in, is there anyway i can write this into my system so that i don't have to keep typing it?

Also i need to figure out how to get my touchpad working, i've tried voodoo kext and i've tried the apple one. nothing is working for my touch pad. :[


please help would be appreciated.


and wifi for the intel pro 5100 series :]

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Or attach a USB keyboard & mouse so it allows you to do the fixes or install kexts needed. I don't think it's a good idea to change Snow Leopard files in Win7.


I always have a USB mouse plugged in & a Bluetooth keyboard on standby for situations like this.





well i have a usb mouse but i don't have a usb keyboard. and i have to boot in safe mode all the time, so idk how to fix that.

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