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Final Cut 7 not using all available processing power


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EDIT: Realized FCP 7 is 32bit still. Guess I'll have to see if I like FCP X in the summer.





I noticed when rendering some footage that Final Cut never really uses more than 25% of the CPU. Activity monitor shows that I have around 75% of the processor is just idle. I'm wondering if I did something wrong.


I actually can rip something in Handbrake and render footage in Final Cut at the same time, and not see a change in performance. Both use around 25% of the CPU. I'd like to get Final Cut to take full advantage of the idle processing power to speed up my rendering.



I'm running 10.6.4

Final Cut Studio 3 (universal binary)



w/ 6 gigs of ram (and still have about 3 gigs free)



Is anyone else having this problem? Or has any suggestions?


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