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  1. Thanks for posting! I'm getting the error, Can't find /mach_kernel after the install and am unable to boot to the desktop. Any ideas?
  2. I'm on Mavericks and haven't had any noticeable issues. Anyone else eyeing the GTX 970? Looks like people are using integrated graphics to boot into the OS and then installing the web drivers. Too bad I don't have integrated graphics! Maybe we can target boot over firewire to install them? I really don't want to buy a new motherboard and processor just to get a more current GPU (currently using a ATI HD 4870).
  3. I installed to a fresh drive, so i'm not sure what the process is for upgrading your existing install. I used ###### & mult-beast, and then used the same Lion kexts that were posted here before. Everything is working fine so far. Shutting down the computer takes significantly longer, but that may be my SSD acting funky. Sleep mode still isnt working, and I also dropped around 1,000 points in geekbench.
  4. I just upgraded to Mountain Lion, but still no luck with USB 3.0 It appears in the system profiler as USB Super-Speed Bus, but no connected device will work through the 3.0 ports. Has anyone else figured out a way to get this up and running? The controller should be a "CalDigitUSBxHCI" and it is listed in mult-beast. I also came across this guide from CalDigit, but its from 2010 http://www.caldigit.com/opensource/caldigitusbxhcidesignguide%20v1.1.pdf
  5. That is pretty much all I am looking for. I'll have to score a deal on a cheap mic then.
  6. I've been running on my hackintosh for over a year now, but have never been able to resolve my microphone issue. Does anyone know which kext to use so that audio inputs work on this board? The OS doesn't seem to pick up any audio inputs, but output works just fine. (I'm still running Snow Leopard btw)
  7. How did this build work out? cost? performance? parts used? I'm looking into building a NAS with Final Cut Server for an editing room w/ 5 iMacs
  8. tdk1007

    Desktop Card Reader

    That does look nice, hopefully a sale pops up soon. So card readers are pretty much just plug and play? Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know if internal card readers require special drivers or installation to work? Or are they compatible with the OS right off the bat? I'm planning on using it to import footage directly from my Canon T2I into Final Cut using Log and Transfer. It's supposed to transcode the files 2-3x's faster so this would be a great help. Card Reader on Newegg
  10. tdk1007

    Wi-Fi USB EP-N8508

    My card finally arrived and works pretty well! Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. EDIT: Realized FCP 7 is 32bit still. Guess I'll have to see if I like FCP X in the summer. ---- I noticed when rendering some footage that Final Cut never really uses more than 25% of the CPU. Activity monitor shows that I have around 75% of the processor is just idle. I'm wondering if I did something wrong. I actually can rip something in Handbrake and render footage in Final Cut at the same time, and not see a change in performance. Both use around 25% of the CPU. I'd like to get Final Cut to take full advantage of the idle processing power to speed up my rendering. I'm running 10.6.4 Final Cut Studio 3 (universal binary) i7-930 w/ 6 gigs of ram (and still have about 3 gigs free) Is anyone else having this problem? Or has any suggestions?