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you need to restart your computer ...

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Hello guys.


I have a problem with starting Tiger 10.4.6 under VMWare on my intel P4/3GHz SSE3


The installation went fine. After I fixed the 'b0 error' and restarted the system, the message 'you need to restart your computer...' showed up in several languages.


I copied the /mach_kernel to /Volumes/%InstallDir% from the terminal - with no positive result.

I tried with the parameter cpus=1 at boot time, as instructed in one post on this forum, but it didn't help.


This is the screen I get when I put -v parameter at boot prompt. (attachment)




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During the installation, right before clicking on the Install button, you first must click on the Customize button and choose packages for your computer. Click on the little arrow to reveal the individual packages. Install only AMD or Intel packages, not both. Install SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of the processor.

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I get the same thing as well, but I can't even get to the installation screen, I see the apple for a brisk second and my vmware resets, before it said a kernel panic. When I do it natively, I get the, "you need restart your pc"

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