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Mac Pro, early 2008, New Project


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I found an early 2008 Mac Pro case in new condition. It came with no internals other then the harness.


I am looking for a front panel board assemby. I have found two Apple part numbers for the panel.


The first number is 922-7698. The second is 922-8491.


Can anyone share which is correct?


Initial scope photos of an MSI X58M motherboard with a GTX 460 video - location and space...



Edit 2-8-2011 - As it turns out I need the 922-8491 front panel assembly and the least that I have found is $65 US. I am in no rush and will keep checking for a more reasonably priced part. In the mean time I have put the case back into its box to protect it as these can be scared and dinged up easily. I am toying with the idea of a hack without cutting the rear panel.





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