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Can you update Snow Leopard before the first boot?


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Ive Googled but cant find an answer. Im installing a reserve OS X installation for the times when I mess up my Main Install by updating or modifying kexts. Also my main install has got a bit too messy (lots of semi uninstalled apps and a messed up logic install) to sort out and i was going to reinstall that too, so ive installed 10.6.0 on another partition on the same drive. now i know my kexts will work with 10.6.6 but im certain my graphics wont work on 10.6.0, so can I install the 10.6.5 combo update (followed by the 10.6.6 update) onto my fresh unbooted 10.6.0 partition and finaly the kexts I know that will work? I could try it and see, but to save myself the time of reformatting and installing I was wondering if anyone knew?


BTW sorry, I know its a bit much to read.


PS, its a lot simpler than it sounds, ive got most of the basic kexts installed in the hidden EFI partition, so booting should be hassle free if all goes to plan, its just the graphics and ethernet that need to go in S/L/E.

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I dont like replying to my own post, but I went ahead and updated it and installed the kexts - seemed to work fine.


Now i think im stuck tho,.. on the chameleon boot screen i have Mac, Zac and Win(on a seperate disk). If i select Mac, it loads Mac as you would expect. If I select Zac however it loads Mac.


the disk is set up as follows:


disk0s1 EFI (with chameleon bootloader, main kexts n {censored})

disk0s2 Mac (my main install 10.6.6)

disk0s3 Zac (the new fresh, updated, unbooted install 10.6.6)


..Correct me if im wrong, the problem must be the chameleon bootloader. Selecting Win still loads Win (actualy its Windows 7s "System Reserved" partition but it still loads Win). Its on a seperate drive anyway.


...Err, im lost now. Does anyone know what the problem is? Its been a while since I installed chameleon, but i think because its on EFI, it has a modified "boot" file that points to Mac(disk0s2), am I right? If so, im screwed!?

oh and BTW they are Retail installs of Snow Leopard


EDIT: I can see Zac in Startup Disk in System Preferences, but im afraid to select it incase it loads Zac and it has problems and I cant get to the desktop and when I restart and select Mac from chameleon that it just tries to load Zac again.


EDIT 2: Problem solved. I had a boot flag in com.apple.boot.plist that pointed to the Mac partition, so no matter what i selected it would still boot Mac. Also discovered you can update before first install.

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