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  1. ASUS P5QL-Pro

    Version 1.1


    DSDT, kexts and other files required for the Asus P5QL-Pro DSDT patches Orange/Removable drives Nvidia HDMI audio Onboard HIDEF audio. Kexts for Onboard LAN ATA Onboard Audio Chameleon.boot.plist includes GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates for CPU power management (Speedstep) Personally I dont use the Onboard Audio and instead use HDMI audio on the GT 610. This keeps S/L/E untouched/vanilla and makes updating pretty much hassle free. Also by putting the "boot" file and Extra folder on the hidden EFI partition you can keep the whole drive clean. This means that your Mac partition and the Recovery/BaseSystem partition are both 100% vanilla. Always use latest Chameleon bootloader DSDT wont work with ATi/AMD Cards Tested OK on Mountain Lion versions 10.8.3 10.8.4 ​And Mavericks versions 10.9 DP1* 10.9 DP2* 10.9 DP3* ​Currently 10.9 DP4 does not work * Onboard audio untested
  2. [10.9 - Installation Troubleshooting]

    I got the "Cannot install on this disk" error, restarted and tried again and it worked. Installed. Did anyone else have a weird yellow graphics glitch on the setup screens? took the screenshot as it was fading away to the desktop.
  3. Lion_10.7.2 (11C37)

    I can't seem to update (11c26 was fine), when i ran the reversioner for 11c35 it wouldn't work, said something about not being on 11c35 same with 11c37 reversioner. not too fussed about these updates tho, i might just wait for the non beta.
  4. SandyBridge Hackintosh yet?

    According to this website, it is possible to overclock to 6 GHz using liquid nitrogen, so i'm guessing the results would be about right.
  5. About this Mac Graphics

    Mine.. Download MacOSX.tif
  6. figured it out, yes - but make sure you dont have any boot flags in com.apple.boot.plist that point to a specified disk eg. boot-uuid=******* or rd=diskXsY
  7. Ive got the main kexts on the hidden EFI partition, and my main install a disk. I decided to create a backup install at the end of the disk for the times when I mess up the main install by updating. Its all set up and installed as follows: disk0s1 EFI (with chameleon bootloader, main kexts n {censored}) disk0s2 Mac (my main install 10.6.6) disk0s3 Zac (the new fresh, updated, unbooted install 10.6.6) Now when i get into chameleon and select to boot the backup install (Zac) it loads Mac (the main one). How do I boot it? Can I do it this way or does it need to be on a seperate disk with its own chameleon bootloader? I asked elsewhere in the forum but I dont think its going to get answered because my original question was about updating before first boot which put it in a different catagory. Other Post. Thanks in advance, Andy.
  8. I dont like replying to my own post, but I went ahead and updated it and installed the kexts - seemed to work fine. Now i think im stuck tho,.. on the chameleon boot screen i have Mac, Zac and Win(on a seperate disk). If i select Mac, it loads Mac as you would expect. If I select Zac however it loads Mac. the disk is set up as follows: disk0s1 EFI (with chameleon bootloader, main kexts n {censored}) disk0s2 Mac (my main install 10.6.6) disk0s3 Zac (the new fresh, updated, unbooted install 10.6.6) ..Correct me if im wrong, the problem must be the chameleon bootloader. Selecting Win still loads Win (actualy its Windows 7s "System Reserved" partition but it still loads Win). Its on a seperate drive anyway. ...Err, im lost now. Does anyone know what the problem is? Its been a while since I installed chameleon, but i think because its on EFI, it has a modified "boot" file that points to Mac(disk0s2), am I right? If so, im screwed!? oh and BTW they are Retail installs of Snow Leopard EDIT: I can see Zac in Startup Disk in System Preferences, but im afraid to select it incase it loads Zac and it has problems and I cant get to the desktop and when I restart and select Mac from chameleon that it just tries to load Zac again. EDIT 2: Problem solved. I had a boot flag in com.apple.boot.plist that pointed to the Mac partition, so no matter what i selected it would still boot Mac. Also discovered you can update before first install.
  9. Ive Googled but cant find an answer. Im installing a reserve OS X installation for the times when I mess up my Main Install by updating or modifying kexts. Also my main install has got a bit too messy (lots of semi uninstalled apps and a messed up logic install) to sort out and i was going to reinstall that too, so ive installed 10.6.0 on another partition on the same drive. now i know my kexts will work with 10.6.6 but im certain my graphics wont work on 10.6.0, so can I install the 10.6.5 combo update (followed by the 10.6.6 update) onto my fresh unbooted 10.6.0 partition and finaly the kexts I know that will work? I could try it and see, but to save myself the time of reformatting and installing I was wondering if anyone knew? BTW sorry, I know its a bit much to read. PS, its a lot simpler than it sounds, ive got most of the basic kexts installed in the hidden EFI partition, so booting should be hassle free if all goes to plan, its just the graphics and ethernet that need to go in S/L/E.
  10. I too use this method with the chameleon bootloader. Its nice to know what your doing incase it gets messed up with an update.
  11. Updated fine, no problems at all
  12. About this mac cant fix...!

    ive got a similar problem, i can edit the file manualy (osx86 tools messes it up) and get it to show the right cpu, but the speed shows 3ghz instead of 2.66 (q8400). and its the same in system profiler - used a script to detect and fix the cpu speed and type in about this mac but it still shows 3ghz in system profiler. also the ram speed is detected incorectly. its not a major issue but its anoying i use FakeSMC 2.5 and that doesnt do much either. any help?
  13. Just a confirmation that the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema H5D-00003 HD 720p webcam gets automaticaly detected by 10.6.2 as Microsoft Lifecam Cinema in Skype and Photobooth, both of these programs can use the camera but there seems no way to get 720p out of it. Also in Photobooth the widescreen image/video is squeezed into 4:3 format. iMovie and Image Capture do not detect the camera at all. Just to let you know.
  14. Good time to get a macbook pro?

    id like to thank everybody for the replies, its not about what ive got atm, im looking for a laptop - definately a mac, i think im going to wait a while, the only major upgrade im waiting for is quad core or a higher res screen on the 15" models. its going to replace my hack, and getting a ps3 for games and bluray. but i want a macbook that will be good for 3-4 yrs, i do amature music creation/video editing, so more cores would be great! dont try to suggest cheaper pc's / hacks with more power, im sick of the problems that come with these options - its time for a mac only environment for me, and a mobile one at that. thanks again, and any more info would be great, i suppose my question still stands... get the latest refined top spec machine and hope it lasts, or wait and get the next release - one of the first off te line?
  15. Stack style Dock

    im trying to get my dock to look like a stack or the menus in 10.6... i cant get the background changed, notice the bluey bit... im suprised 10.6 wasnt as consistent as this : any ideas anyone? [EDIT] also no cool blur Apple should amend this