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Dell D830 Intel GMA X3100 Snow Leopard HELP!

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I've been at this for about a dozen hours now, I've tried seemingly hundreds of different kext configs, chameleon versions, installers, but have gotten absolutely no where with retail. (distros are a pain because of my slow internet connection, I've had iATKOS downloading for almost as long as I've been working on this today, and it's still hours from finishing) I get kernel panic almost instantly. I have found little information and support for pre-installation on this laptop. What am missing? Am I making it more difficult than it is? Anybody who successfully installed it on this laptop, I am looking for all the help I can get. Any information that can shed some light on this will be greatly accepted.


My Laptop:

Dell Latitude D830

Core 2 Duo

Intel GMA965 X3100

2 gigs DDR2 RAM

Dell Wireless 1395


Thanks in advance,


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I got past the kernel panic, and OSX is installed fine now :) i used OSXlatitudes usb installer package, but now my problem is the various hardware in the system. currently im having prblems with ethernet, airport, graphics, shutdown/restart, and usb. sometimes all but my ethernet works, others noe of it works, ive tried someones (forgot whose) post-install package for this system, which included a dsdt, graphics worked all the time with it, but usb, shutdown/restart, and sound worked 50% of the time, airport didnt work at all. currently no dsdt, usb works, but black display, (currently running off of vga monitor)


strange, as i was typing this, my display went to sleep, and woke up and now my internel display works. what the heck?!


@Skorstensmannen! what works post install? i have iatkos (was downloading last night) should i wipe and install it?


@dothacker the driver packages i used must have (i didnt see any of the details on the package)


sorry if i got kinda long winded

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