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trying to install with OS already in

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Here is my case:

sucessful install of 10.6.3 and ever since dual screen worked with my ati 4870, I will never chance upgrading again. BUT, because the nature of hard drives is to die, I want to have a back up drive. So I used CCC to do it, but then I installed chameleon RC2 as opposed to RC3 and thus I get crashes. I have then decided that I want to just do a clean install on this back up drive but once I have the thumb drive prepped, I try to boot from the thumb drive and it doesn't show on the darwin boot screen (all the other OSX drives do).


Now I rememeber reading somewhere that you can't have your other darwined or chameleoned drives plugged in while trying a clean install. IS THAT STILL TRUE? WILL I HAVE TO UNPLUG MY TWO OSX DRIVES TO DO A FRESH INSTALL?


and can anyone point me in the direction of some stupid simple chameleon installers?



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No, that is not true, you just have to pay attention to what you're doing when installing.


Chameleon IS "stupid simple" to install, just compare, say, three or four different "guides" and you'll quickly come to realize that the bootloader itself consists of only three files, each installed with one Terminal command.


Installing Chameleon to a flash drive is no different from installing it to a hard drive.


There are tons of Chameleon install guides available, google/forum search and take your pick.


Don't use RC3, it's old and obsolete, you're missing out on lots of cool stuff.

Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r699, compiled today:


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