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Moving my install to new SSD


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Okay, I'm in totally over my head on all this, but I can follow directions and using the Lifehacker "no hacking required" recipe, I got a really great hackintosh up and running about 9 months ago. Last night I put a new SSD into the box, and I'm looking to move the operating system and apps over to the new drive.


I wasn't really happy with the speed of my existing setup, and am thinking that I ought to do a "clean install" onto the new SSD (the current set up was migrated over from an iMac). What would be the best way to approach this? Just wipe the drives clean and start over with a new hackintosh install? Something else.


I admit to not even being certain as to the questions to ask, but my objective is hopefully clear: get as fast a system as possible, incorporating the SSD.



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If the new drive is big enough, simply format as GUID / HFS+ Indexed and Carbon Copy Clone your old drive to the new drive. When completed, simply do a manual chameleon install (via terminal) and reboot. You should be back up and running


If you want to clean up your old installation, boot your current OSX, format the SSD as GUID / HFS+, pop the snow leopard DVD, open terminal and navigate to the snow leopard dvd (in /Volumes), do a manual install (open osinstall.mpkg). Once SL is copied on the drive, update to your desired version with appropriate update multipackage (10.6.6 for example), do the manual chameleon install (don't forget to copy /extras). Boot up your new SSD, and use the migration assistant to copy over your settings and user folder

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