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Native on Ferrari 4005?

Ali Zaid

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Hay Guys;


I have downloaded Mac OSX 10.4.6 JaS, and successfully install it with VMware as a virtual machine, so I decided to install it natively, but then I read in this forum that this will not work and it didn't work for people who have Ferrari 4005, can I know why? and is there any successful stories? anyone has a way to do it?


Eventually I'm planning to move to Mac, I have tested one in work (not mine :() and I like it, somehow I feel I will be more productive with it (yah yah yah) :), I just need to get my hand dirty with it before I put a budget and buy one, and I mostly going to wait for the new 10.5 which is suppose to be in 2007.


Thanks for this wonderful forum!!!

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