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Userland upgrades to 10.4.1 install?


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Hi there, as quite a few other folks around, I'm rolling back my 10.4.7 with the tail between my legs and going to a humble and unstable 10.4.1 (damn lack of working drivers for intel 855 graphics on my inspiron 710m).


I installed the generic 10.4.1 dvd and a did a "10.4.3 update" (about 600mb from the usual sites). It says that it upgrades some applications and some userland components. This resulted in an impressive bump in xbench scores (frmo 40 to 60, though without video tests).


As far as I understand 10.4.1 is really different from what we have now, so doing regular upgrades to .5 or .7 would kill the video drivers (people have experienced that).


Any suggestions of other bits and pieces form 10.4.3+ that I can safely replace in my Frankenstein 10.4.1?


Thanks a lot

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