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Learning... Trying to install in Virtualbox on Win7 64


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Greetings... I have been at this for a few weeks off an on, and have found a great deal of info in these forums. Good work all of you!! I am trying to load OS 10 in virtualbox on Win 7 64 bit on an AMD machine (full specs below). I am not particular about what version of OS 10 I wind up with, so long as it is above 10.4. There is an app I need to run, and I do not feel like purchasing a new or used Mac to accomplish it, the app being free. The app requires 10.4. I guess I am cheap, but aside from the hassle of failure, I also find this project to be quite interesting..


In any case, I have tried a few times using both 10.5.6 ix86.iso, as well as the iatkos_v7.iso. I can get through the installation, but I seem to get mkext errors when I boot using efi in Virtuabox after. Once I was able to get past that, but after, the system paniced.


A few questions still alluding me. How do you load a different kernel, one that is not on the disk? Is it possible to add a different kernel to the .iso install disk up front using an iso program, and if so, where do I copy the package?


I have also seen mention in the forums of folks using boot variables during boot to force 64 bit, or to tell kernel proper FSB speeds. How are you getting to that command. I am not a unix/linux noob. I am semi new to Mac, though have played around in the past... just never owned one..


My current system is an AMD Athlon x4 635 processor. I am running it on a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H motherboard with 8gigs of ram and an nvidia 9800gt. I am running Virtualbox 3.2 per suggestions in these forums, though version 4.x is out now. Not sure if those posts are just old, or if that is really the way to go. I know that I have a lot of questions here, so I will stop while I still have breath, and hope for answers..


Any help appreciated..

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