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  1. The problem is that you need a functioning Mac in order to create the install media. What if you do not have one? Is there a way to create install media using just a Windows PC? Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  2. I only own Windows based machines at the moment. I am here because I would like to turn one of my older machines into a working Macintosh computer. The PC is an HP Compaq DC7900 with latest bios, core 2 duo E8400+ running at 3.0ghz. Graphics card is an Nvidia 8400GS. Basically, I have downloaded close to 40 or so different iso image files, burned and tried booting from them. Using this method, I have so far been unsuccessful even making it to the install screen for Mac OS. I have come dang close with some, and have gotten to the point where I can access disk utility, but it always complains that there is a problem with my disk and I may need to clean it, and MAC install cannot go further. Of course, because I am burning these to DVD, I am unable to burn anything larger than like 4.6 gb, which means Lion is so far as high as I have been able to attempt. So, I am looking to see if anyone can assist with helping me create a Mavericks installation drive, on a usb drive, with only a Windows computer to work with. I tried the DD method, and that seemed to complete, but no matter what I try, the disk is not bootable. I am hoping for some more concrete instructions. So far, what I have tried is what I have found on the web, and none of it is working. I got farther with an old AMD machine, than I have with this Intel, which is odd, considering the entire reason I bought it is because it was cheap, and I came across numerous success stories. Any help Appreciated!!
  3. I have not yet purchased a video card for this system, though I gladly will if this is all doable. So far, it has been nothing but struggle. There are some success stories out on the internet, so I have the sense that this is doable. I am mainly getting hung up creating the install disk, or finding a working install disk online. I have tried various versions of iatkos, or ideneb... I downloaded a few niresh builds. I cannot get to the point where I can even install. I got to a point where I could run disk utility, but it stated that my install disk was scratched or needed to be cleaned.. Burning another did not help. So really, I am still at square one. I tried various methods I could find to create a bootable USB drive using a windows computer, but none of them have worked. I don't have a Mac computer to use to make this happen. If I could even get a copy of lion or snow leopard installed, then likely I could probably use that to create the disks I am needing. Anyways.. This machine is going to be for my daughter who starts high school next year. Any help anyone can lend would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Worth mentioning. I do have an Nvidia 9800 GT I can put in this thing. It seemed to quit working for a while, but after blowing out all the dust, it is resurrected. Does this help my chances?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Not looking to run the latest and greatest version of os10. Really, just about any version would do fine actually. I had read some install instructions on machines not too far from my specs, which is why I thought Iatkos_s3_ver2 might work. Still not convinced it can't, but am definitely feeling a bit defeated.
  6. Greetings!! I have been mucking around with Hackintosh on and off for a few years, mainly working and re-working installations via Virtualbox VM's. About a month ago I started working on my first actual full installation. My eldest daughter starts high school next year, and I thought it would be cool to gift her with her own computer come that time. Nothing fancy, but something she could type papers on, browse web, etc.. I also thought it could be something we could build together as a fun project, hence hackintosh. Well, I am wanting to get most of the frustration out of the way before hand, so I have been trying to install this thing successfully myself first, and it has not been easy. I have tried many different distros, had to unhook certain pieces of hardware (PCI cards, card readers, etc.) which took me a while to figure out, and I finally got some of them to boot. Now I am at a place where I need some help. I think I am close. A couple installs have gone through to finish, only to bomb on first start up. I think what I am missing, is something that is needed from this ModCD method, to make it work in my AMD environment. I can boot all the way up to the installation screen and complete install using Iatkos_S3_version2. No matter what combo of customize I use however, I cannot get it to then boot to the actual desktop environment after. Using ModCD, and this same install disk fails, with the attached screen shot. Anyways. My hunch is that if I can get this to boot from MOD CD, I might stand a better chance, as this is what I have seen work in various tutorials around the web with setups close to mine. My setup by the way, which was sort of in my subject line: AMD 3800+ X2 MSI K9N NEO Motherboard - Nforce MCP55 Geforce 7100 Video card 1 gb of RAM Any and all Help greatly appreciated!!
  7. Attaching a pic of what I am seeing when I boot after installing Leopard in Virtualbox. I have been tapping F8 and trying various boot options, but nothing is working. I am not sure if I am typing them correctly, so I am hoping someone can give me a working command that will suit. I am running AMD x4 635 processor, FSb at 203 mhz, and 14.5 multiplier. Any help appreciated!!
  8. Greetings... I have been at this for a few weeks off an on, and have found a great deal of info in these forums. Good work all of you!! I am trying to load OS 10 in virtualbox on Win 7 64 bit on an AMD machine (full specs below). I am not particular about what version of OS 10 I wind up with, so long as it is above 10.4. There is an app I need to run, and I do not feel like purchasing a new or used Mac to accomplish it, the app being free. The app requires 10.4. I guess I am cheap, but aside from the hassle of failure, I also find this project to be quite interesting.. In any case, I have tried a few times using both 10.5.6 ix86.iso, as well as the iatkos_v7.iso. I can get through the installation, but I seem to get mkext errors when I boot using efi in Virtuabox after. Once I was able to get past that, but after, the system paniced. A few questions still alluding me. How do you load a different kernel, one that is not on the disk? Is it possible to add a different kernel to the .iso install disk up front using an iso program, and if so, where do I copy the package? I have also seen mention in the forums of folks using boot variables during boot to force 64 bit, or to tell kernel proper FSB speeds. How are you getting to that command. I am not a unix/linux noob. I am semi new to Mac, though have played around in the past... just never owned one.. My current system is an AMD Athlon x4 635 processor. I am running it on a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H motherboard with 8gigs of ram and an nvidia 9800gt. I am running Virtualbox 3.2 per suggestions in these forums, though version 4.x is out now. Not sure if those posts are just old, or if that is really the way to go. I know that I have a lot of questions here, so I will stop while I still have breath, and hope for answers.. Any help appreciated..