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The Best Tablet Hackintosh


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I am about to buy a new tablet to run OS X for scientific work. Which is the most fully functioning model available?

In my search for the answer to this question I have found the following.

Hopefully this post may be added to and become a good guide for tablet bliss.


I have done some research, here are my prerequisites:

- Touchscreen must work (and be calibrated) pen input essential, multitouch/pressure optional

- slate or convertible format is fine

- Battery Life ideally about 6 hours

- Weight < 2kg

- Size (smaller is better in my opinion, so 10.1" to 12.1")

- processor: something faster than atom!

- cardbus and HDMI output desirable

- graphics processor (anything with a GMA 500 is out due to lack of drivers)

- wireless doesn't matter too much as can usually be replaced.


The most likely contenders so far, include:


Fujitsu T580: 10.1", N-Trig input GMA4500MHD, atheros wireless - anyone tried this one yet?

Lenovo x201t: 12.1" wacom - GMA4500 - good reports with older x61

HP TM2: 12.1" wacom - not sure if anyone got touch screen calibration working?



Motion F5V: 10.4" Intel HD graphics, pen, no touch, 4hours hotswap battery, not really any good for me as I need video out, otherwise a good model.



Models that won't work!

- Panasonic Toughbook H1 (GMA500)

- HP Slate 500 (GMA500)


I'd be very interested to hear you experiences with any of the above or other suggestions!

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