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Sucess, and questions for help with drivers

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I have nu multiboot with Windows XP mini version and OSx86 10.4.1

I did it with UBCD, formating two partions, on 40 GB first for OSx86 and one 70 GB second for XP.


I still havnt found the cain0 file on my DVD, so i have to use UBCD to change active partion to select system...


That is my first question, how do i obtain a cain0 file with downloading a full DVD again, and searching through that one too?


Next question, i have two soundcards, one of them hasnt been working for some time (5.1 creative) and the other one, working in windows (2.1 creative), how do i get either one of these to work in OSx86, do most soundcards work with the AC97 driver? i havnt found any documentation on this...


Next question, I have a Level1 wireless NIC, which i would like to get functioning. how is the NDISwrapper under OSx86 project going? Any generic drivers or tips? (I know i probably wont get much luck with this....)


Next question, how do i get my swedish keyboard to work in XP as a swedish keyboard? when changing to the SWE setting it asks for a windows professional CD, which i havnt got.... (maybe not the best forum for this question, but think of it as a long shot...)


My computer BTW, is a Compaq Presario 8901SE, with everything working except Sound, Ethernet, and the normal Graphics probs (GPU is a GeForce FX5200)


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