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  1. I have nu multiboot with Windows XP mini version and OSx86 10.4.1 I did it with UBCD, formating two partions, on 40 GB first for OSx86 and one 70 GB second for XP. I still havnt found the cain0 file on my DVD, so i have to use UBCD to change active partion to select system... That is my first question, how do i obtain a cain0 file with downloading a full DVD again, and searching through that one too? Next question, i have two soundcards, one of them hasnt been working for some time (5.1 creative) and the other one, working in windows (2.1 creative), how do i get either one of these to work in OSx86, do most soundcards work with the AC97 driver? i havnt found any documentation on this... Next question, I have a Level1 wireless NIC, which i would like to get functioning. how is the NDISwrapper under OSx86 project going? Any generic drivers or tips? (I know i probably wont get much luck with this....) Next question, how do i get my swedish keyboard to work in XP as a swedish keyboard? when changing to the SWE setting it asks for a windows professional CD, which i havnt got.... (maybe not the best forum for this question, but think of it as a long shot...) My computer BTW, is a Compaq Presario 8901SE, with everything working except Sound, Ethernet, and the normal Graphics probs (GPU is a GeForce FX5200) Thanks...
  2. Thanks very much! I have a intel i915P chipset on my motherboard, but no VGA/DVI port on my motherboard (i use a GeForce 6800 on PCI-E). is there any way to get QE and CI on my Geforce through my motherboard? thanks for the thourogh answer (btw, my english might be bad, im from sweden....)
  3. PLEASE! cant anyone provide any answers?
  4. okay, i found a work-a-round for this.... -F at the advanced startup options (or sumthing) o yeah! the SATA works!
  5. Is it a big leap between a 1.3 GHz Intel CPU and a 1.3 GHz PPC CPU? how do they compare, is my 1.3 GHz OSx86 going to be faster than my 400MHz Imac DV? (asuming that the intels have SSE3, and all of the other support it can get) (asuming that they have the same HW config on all other areas)
  6. i downloaded the Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD and burned it to a DVD-R and loaded it into my computer. it boots the CD and shows "Error parsing Plist fileloading Darwin86x". help? setup: OSx86: Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD Grafics: Geforce 6800 CPU: Intel Pentium 4 560 (support for sse2, sse3) 3.6 GHz Memory: 1024 MB EDIT: HD: SATA 250 GB (the prob isnt the SATA, right, then i would get to the instalation screen?)