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MSI P35 Neo-F


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Hi everyone!


There is not too much about my mb and I have a little issue with sleeping actually - and I want to finalize my DSDT, i've already changed few things in it, but as always - some parts are diffrent and I don't know what to change.


I have:

MSI P35 Neo-F

C2D E4300

HD4830 from Sapphire


1. I can't properly get my system to sleep. It turns down, and automatically wakes up, but there's nothing, black screen. It doesn't matter either I have SleepEnabler or either now.

2. Actually I don't remeber but i think I have modified bios on my MSI P35 Neo-F from Kabyl.

3. I also had a problem with turning off the screen after a few minutes. The screen didn't get black, it just got frozen, I've fixed this by MacPro 3.1 smbios.

4. Is there someone who can look at my DSDT and modify it properly? Should I post it here.


and 5. finally, these are small issues, although I can use my hackintosh very well :)


Thanks in advance!

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