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Imac g4 (700 mhz + cd drive) install leopard.

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Hey all, I have an imac g4.

I would like to install mac osx leopard.


iMac G4 700 15"

Processor: G4 - 700 MHz Geheugen: 640 MB Harddisk: 40 GB



Can I restore the dmg to a separate 10 GB partition and then boot from the alt option?




(Ps I'm a Dutchman who is bad in english)

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Good morning, 

I recovered my old and wonderful macmini where I installed the image file of Leopard 10.5.6 patched to support my version as with less then 800mhz but I don't know the reason it start only in Safe mode. 

My version is equipped with the radeon graphic card and how can I know with xkext is making issue? 

There is a way to boot the machine only with the standard set of Leopard extension? I ran also the or update and after that my ppc didn't start anymore. 




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As I think from the specification mentioned above, you have a a low-end model of iMac G4. You can boot from an external BluRay player to install OS X 10.5. Firstly, boot into OpenFirmware. Now boot PPC by pressing Apple button and options key together.

Type: dev / ls


once you see the USB references then go ahead by giving the path of external drive and install OS X.


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