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MBR Error in VMware when trying to make it native

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I have followed the VMware to Native guide and I get a problem.

When I boot my VM it says

MBR Error 3


MBR Error 1
Press any key to boot from floppy..._



Pressing a key just makes it come up again.

Ive tried with the JaS 10.4.6 DVD, SuSE linux 10 and the gParted live CD and they all get the same error.

Does anybody know how to fix this?





Intel Celeron D 331 2.66GHz

1 GB Ram

ASUS P5P800 Mobo

200GB Samsung HDD

Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005

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I followed the guide, and I believe I had some setting to put my VM on an other partition or something. NOT an other hdd, an other partition. Do I need an other HDD? :'( I dont want to waste my money on an other HDD when I could be using my 200gb one :/



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Ok, I worked out why I was getting that error (well, kind of)

VMware doesn't want to boot unless it has a virtual disk, so I have added a virtual disk to my VM, and it boots to the installer, but when I try to format/erase the partition I want to use, OS X gave me some error


EDIT: For some reason now when I boot to OS X and use the disk utility it only has one partiton named "disk1s1" and when I select the whole hard drive it has 2 partitons, one "Untitled" and the rest is free space. I can't tell which partiton (I actually have 3 partitons) the "Untitled" one is, so I dont want to try formatting it incase I f*** up my system...


Can anybody help me.

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That attempt to install OS X screwed up my PC. I spent ages trying to recover stuff, undeleting partitons, etc. I've now got Windows back.


Anyway, the error OS X gives me when I try ton Erase the HDD I want to use says that it cannot write to the partiton map or something...

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