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HELP! cant dual boot, Windows 7 wont boot


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Im running iAtkos 7v on a Dell Inspiron 1545, I installed iAtkos 7v and it worked fine (Except for USB not working and sound) But, Now I cant boot back into windows 7 Its a NTFS Files system, I tried to repair with the 7 boot disk, But it wont read it nor will Gparted Live CD wont boot (Btw this forum has a ton of info thanks for the info) So i cant set my partition back to active, im trying to format a USB key to see if that doesn anything. HELP PLEASE!!!

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I take it it goes to the bootloader where you see the name of your Mac installation right? keep pressing the left/right arrow keys and it will show the other hard disks, then choose either the hard drive with NO NAME on it, or it should say Windows NTFS , or something of the sort.

For example, my drive says



Hackintosh, Windows NTFS, Windows, Data


Hackintosh is my first hard disk


Windows is the name of my Windows installation partition

And Data is my Data partition.


In my case, if you select Windows or Data, it won't boot Windows.



If your hard disk doesn't actually show up in the bootloader when you DONT HAVE A TIME LIMIT before Mac boots (which you get by pressing the arrow keys)

Then you may have overwritten your Windows hard disk, though I doubt it.

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As a temporary solution, you might want to change your boot order in your BIOS: Only enable CDROM/DVDROM and set the rest to "Disabled", or set 3x CDROM/DVDROM.


I know it looks a bit strange, but it fixed an similar issue I had some time ago.

You may also want to try to disable AHCI. If you do so, restart, and come back into your BIOS and check the boot order (changing AHCI may change things a bit).


As soon as you manage to boot from the windows cd/dvd, I suppose you can use the recovery console to fix your MBR.

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For me, all I have to do is select the SYSTEM partition if there was in the OS X bootloader. Alternatively, you can change the active partition back to Windows 7 if you can manage to boot from it:


1. Boot from the Windows 7 Disk.

2. Go into Repair Your Computer

3. Then, if it tells you to select your OS, it probably won't show anything. However, press next to go into the recovery tools.

4. Choose to open Command Prompt and type the following commands:


X:> diskpart


DISKPART> list disk


NOTE: It will list all hard disks on your computer. Yours will probably be disk 0, but if not, replace the 0 with the number of your hard disk.


DISKPART> select disk 0


It will say: "Disk 0 is the selected disk" or something among those lines.


DISKPART> list part


This will list all of the partitions on your computer. Now, this part is a little difficult. If you have a partition with a size of 199MB, you will want to use the number of that partiton below. If you do not have a 199MB partition, use the partition that is the size of your Windows partition. Mine is 298gb, so I would select the partition that is 298GB if I didn't have a system partition.


DISKPART> select partition 0


Note: replace 0 with the number of your partition. It probably will be 0 anyways.


Then, last but not least:


DISKPART> active


This will mark the partition as active, so you can get back into Windows.


IMPORTANT: However, you will not be able to get back into Mac OS X unless you use the same steps to mark the Mac OS X partition as active. If you don't want to have to do this, you can get a bootloader, but I can't assist you with that.


If you have any questions, DO NOT HESITATE to ask, because I don't want you to mess up your system even more.


Also, fixing the MBR didn't do anything for me... so try this if that doesn't work.

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Exactly, It doesn't recognize the disc... Anyone have any idea whats wrong?


I don't know about your laptop but the Dell m1530 will boot the hard disk even if you have selected

the CD drive as the first boot device. Without hitting F12 to force a boot device selection, the m1530 will flash a very short "Press any key to boot from CD" message. If you don't respond in a very short time, it would boot the hard disk.

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