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10.6.3 is buggy/glitchy. Please help


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I am very new to the whole OSx86 thing here, please help me out. I managed to get iAtkos v7 installed and (amazingly) the only thing I needed a kext for was the integrated network card.


However, now I can hardly do anything without programs hanging up and the whole system seems glitchy and unstable. Finder will crash sometimes and then that's the point of no-return, gotta hard reboot.


I'll get to the point: What can I do to fix these problems? Preferably something that does not involve reinstalling the entire OS (please God, no). Would updating to 10.6.4 help me?? Thanks very much everyone!


Here are my specs:

Dell Optiplex 755

2.4 Ghz Intel Quad Core

4 Gbs ram

OSx86 10.6.3 (installed iAtkos v7)


Another thing is I can't get to Chameleon boot-loader without booting from cd, but that is another issue all together....thanks again.

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Run Console.app.

Find kernel.log in the left pane, save a copy of it, zip it up (right-click, compress) and attach it here.


Thanks very much. TextEdit kept crashing every single time I tried to save so I had to email this and do it in windows. That's how bad my problem is! I really need help bad! :construction: Thanks again


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