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Mobile Intel(R) GMA 4500M work around


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Soooo i know that there are alot of people who have posted about this topic numerous times,


But i havent seen any recent posts.


My main questions are:


Is anybody currently working on a driver or kext for this device?


Is it even possible to port a working driver/kext for the osx operating system?


And would we be able to have full working order of this device in Osx?


Thanks in advance,





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Not to be a jerk but searching the forums for "gma 4500" will turn up lots of threads on this subject and reading the countless pages of posts usually helps too.


Far as I know, the only possible solution to this problem right now is located in this thread :








Other possible solutions would be to take a BFH (big efing hammer) and beat your laptop into tiny pieces and buy one that has supported hardware...haha. OR... buy a real Mac laptop. And this is meant to be funny and give you a laugh, not tick you off cause I'm not trying to be a SA this morning.

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