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omg so fricking confused - asus p5q pro


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Well the thing is i have a asus p5q pro motherboard. couple years ago i did try to install mac osx on my pc but i just realised now i had to flash my my bios. ok now thing is all the tutorials are so bloody complicated. i read this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=144020 and other tutorials. the thing is i dont understand why i have to download a retail version and a distro version. whats the purpose of that. if someone could also direct to a very simple explanation on how to install mac os using my motherboard i would really really really appreciate it. thank you

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You don't have to use a patched BIOS (or DSDT with CPU aliases removed) on P5Q series boards anymore.


You don't need a retail DVD and a hacked install DVD (distro), you need a retail DVD + a boot CD.


The hacked DVDs have a boot loader built-in, the retail DVD will only boot on a real Mac. That's why you need a boot CD for it.


Continue reading here:


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