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Intel P4 SSE2 can't install Mac OS X86

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i had a old Intel P4 1.8ghz,i used CPUz to check the cpu, it listed it has SSE, and SSE2, i am able to use my OS X 10.4.5 boot up, but it didn't go any further, just stay at the APPLE Logo page, with the loading circle, and later on, there is a Stop Icon pop up.I had wait more than 20 mins,but nothing else comes out. I have another pc with P4 2.8ghz, that one works fine, and able to install it, just no idea y didnt work on this pc. any help is welcome. thanx



Intel P4 1.8ghz,

512mb ram,PC133

60 GB HD,

32mb GeForce2 VGA card

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