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Let's Resolve Installation & Update Issues.

Guest BuildSmart

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Guest BuildSmart

I'm interested in contributing in a major way.


I have no time for stupidity and I can assure you that I am more than capable of resolving many issues.


If you just looking for me to fix an issue for you I am sorry but you'll have to wait for the releases to obtain them.


I've already built and tested a functional Intel OSX Server package (updated to 10.4.6) on a GateWay (Intel 915GUX with IEEE-1394) with excellent success.


I still have a handful of files to rebuild in universal format but over the last few days I've build the major required files to get it up and running.


I've created a package to assist in the building (universal file format) for those who want to help build in the required format and I've built and included the X11.root.tar.gz file that Apple has removed from service so projects that stopped building do build now.


I'm able to obtain hard to find and obscure source code so I don't believe I'd have too much trouble fixing things provided I can locate the required files.


What I'm currently purchasing is the following mo-bo's to use for development:


Asus 800

Intel 915GUX

Intel 945GPM


I chose these because these mo-bo's use different hardware but are the basics to what is installed in most common mo-bo's so what I'd like to start off with is making all of the features/hardware work on these boards so I can spend some time and finish writing source to dynamically determine what hardware is installed and have it autoselect the proper installation packages.


So far as I start testing hardware, I've been able to detect the differences between the Asus 10/100, 915 10/100/1000 and the 945 10/100/1000 which use the most common ethernet configurations so what I am proposing should be very do-able for other hardware.



Send me a PM and we can go from there.

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