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Finally, after a long research viewing brochures from almost all webcams being sold in my country I found one which WORKS the Genius LOOK 315FS !!! :D

It's much cheaper than the isight AND it has a built-in MIC which is great for mac minis.

Both the webcam and mic are connected through the USB port and I repeat one more time it WORKS !!!

The bad: Webcam quality is average, the design is a replica of a football ball so you have to hide it ... or ignore it. :D

The good: Works with Mac and Windows, Mic solution for Mac minis (don't expect high quality, good for chat), :2cents: very cheap (around u$s 35 in Argentina).


I've tested succesfully in Windows XP Professional with bootcamp 1.1 in MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype. (Audio and Video)

Mac OS X 10.4.7 with Skype 1.5 (audio) and Yahoo Messenger 3.0 (video), because all other IM programs are only chat capabilities.

I hope it helps. :idea:

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