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DVI working only in verbose mode (GTS 250 1 GB Zotac eco)


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Hi guys,

I have problems getting DVI to work in snow leopard.

I've installed 10.6.3 using iatkos s3 v2, and can update to 10,6,5 using software update.

Everything is working fire, except when I boot with DVI cable, then I get a blank screen, except when I boot using

"-v -f" chameleon rc5 boot loader.


Did anyone managed to get Zotac 250 gts 1gb ECO to work with DVI ?

I think it's not major problem, since I can get dvi in verbose mode, I'm probably missing something simple...


Thanks for your help!

My hardware is:



2gb ddr 800

1tb wd

Zotac gts 250 1gb eco.

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Just to update, the problem is with nvidia cards that have vga - dvi- hdmi port,

the cards with two dvi ports seem to be ok.

I am able to get the dvi to work in verbose mode, so with your help I could have the issue removed, and help other users with similar help.

Please share your insight about this problem...

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