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  1. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Got mine cable yesterday, thanks for a great work, it was worth the wait I haven't tried enabling audio sense on msi x79a gd45 8d yet, any advice how to get it to work or how to enable both front and rear audio outputs?
  2. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi BlackCH, I've just gutted my G5 and I could really use your cable (with the ground jumper and the audio jumper)! I've sent you an email and am waiting for further instructions Thanks,
  3. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Thank you for your reply! USB 2.0 + fw should probably be good enough for me in the end.
  4. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi BlackCH, I am looking into getting a G5 and getting busy with building a hackintosh soon. I have a noob question Would it be possible to hook up G5 front panel with your cables into USB 3.0 (F_USB30_1/F_USB30_2/F_USB30_3 (USB 3.0/2.0 Headers)) on GA-Z77X-UP5 TH ? Also, will this setup work on windows? Thanks, Tino.
  5. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Hi guys, I have just built myself cheap and cheerful little hackintosh, What do you think about the score, is everything ok ? Uploaded with ImageShack.us e3300 @ 4.25 ghz 2gb ddr 800 g31m-es2l Zotac Eco 250 GTS 1gb 1tb WD black (the partition is on the end of the drive, closer to the centre, so results might be lower because of that...)
  6. Just to update, the problem is with nvidia cards that have vga - dvi- hdmi port, the cards with two dvi ports seem to be ok. I am able to get the dvi to work in verbose mode, so with your help I could have the issue removed, and help other users with similar help. Please share your insight about this problem...
  7. Well I'm interested in DVI, I do have DVI working in verbose mode, I'm just interested how to get it to work without typing "-v -f " all the time...
  8. Hi guys, I have problems getting DVI to work in snow leopard. I've installed 10.6.3 using iatkos s3 v2, and can update to 10,6,5 using software update. Everything is working fire, except when I boot with DVI cable, then I get a blank screen, except when I boot using "-v -f" chameleon rc5 boot loader. Did anyone managed to get Zotac 250 gts 1gb ECO to work with DVI ? I think it's not major problem, since I can get dvi in verbose mode, I'm probably missing something simple... Thanks for your help! My hardware is: e3300 g31m-es2l 2gb ddr 800 1tb wd Zotac gts 250 1gb eco.
  9. Hi guys, hope someone can help with my problem. I have zotac gts 250 1 gb card and I have problems getting DVI to work properly. (vga works fine) I can get it to work (and I believe that 3d acceleration is working fine - when I add new gadget to desktop I get nice ripple effect) but only when I boot from cameleon rc5 boot loader with "-v -f"... If I boot normally I get a blank screen. Do you have any advice on this ? Im using iatkos s3 v2 updated to 10.6.5 via software update, g31m-esl2, e3300 @ 4.25 ghz 1tb wd and 2 gb of ram. Please ramble on, any advice is appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, I have problems using zotac eco gts 250 1gb on iatkos s3 v2 uodated to 10.6.5. The card works fire (as far as I can tell) only on vga, but when I switch to DVI I get blank screen. Only if I boot with -v -f I am able to load snow leopard without problems, but when I restart I get blank screen again... Any advice on this ?
  11. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Hi guys, i have similar question like ludox. Im planing to build new hackintosh, and GTS 450 seems to be in a sweet spot of price/performance. Did anyone got this card running on snow leopard 10,6,4 ? or should I look for other cards ? thx.
  12. Here are some hard drive benchmarks: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/charts/hard-drives,3.html I'm not sure about Corsair P128, but Toshiba HG2 43nm 256GB cleans floor with raptor http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1230/13/ If you need maximum random access (or large number of i/o operations) go with ssd, If you need maximum read / write Throughput then you should think about something like this: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/10tb-hdd-raid,2344.html
  13. DQ45CB USB issue

    Hi, im using deathadder on my hp 6820s Ideneb osx 10.5.7 with no problems. I tried some other distros, and on some of them my usb devices wouldn't work correctly, for example system would only recognize usb disk after restart. So i dont think it's razer issue, more likely you have to try some other kexsts, distros etc, unfortunately im mac noob, so i cant help you any more...
  14. Yes, I installed those x1350 kexst and got full resolution, but I had mouse tearing, and kernel panic, and then i tried installing voodoo kernel mentioned in that post, and being a noob, i ended up with no kernel So i installed ideneb again, but now i would like to install dsdt from this page, (to get ati working properly) but i would need some pointers, as i couldn't find much useful stuff on installing dsdt on Google. Do you know any good post or tutorial on this topic ? my hardware is T2310 (1M Cache, 2x 1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) 2gb ram 250 gb samsung x1350 ati p.s. i just reinstaled ideneb, and I've selected one of modded kernels based on the voodoo kernel, and now it works with both cores ! So only thing keeping me from fully functional hackintosh is graphic card. Can you tell me what to do it kexs stops me from entering os, like command that disables all drivers and boots in safe mode (i tried -x but i dont think thad did the job) Also i use bootloader, so i cant press f8 (it simply doesent do anything), i can pres "s" when selecting which drive to boot from, is that any good, or is there some other way ? thx