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Coreservices get corrupted


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I've been running my hack for two years as my main production machine and it works fine. Meaning everything works all hardware all software. 10.5.8 (10.6 wont really work on my celeron 1.5ghz it hangs all apps).


However once in a while things start hanging / crashing or it wont boot properly anymore. When I replace the entire /System/Library/CoreServices filder with a backup it usually fixes everything again.

This leads me to believe that the coreservices become corrupted. Since in these cases onyx or repair disk permissions won't work. Its manageable but I think its strange that a perfectly running system suddenly stops working and "corrupts" files. This makes me doubt in investing in a new hack versus an actual (way too expensive) mac. In the future I want a system that does not spontaneously stop working.


Does anybody have a similar experience or some light to shine on this?

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