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second Hard Drive Problem SOLVED

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Had many issues with 2nd HD as master channel 1 (used this drive for media storage)


Boot drive 10.6.3 master 0


HD master Ch 1

DVD slave Ch1




Finally in enhanced mode (bios) I swapped sata cables until what apparently shouldn't work, worked.

Bios settings (integrated peripherals)

Primary PCI IDE disabled

SATA mode enhanced

Legacy USB stirage disabled.


SATA port 0/2 set to Ch 2

SATA port 1/3 set to Ch 3


0 master none

slave none


2 master WDC 1 gig drive

2 slave asus drw 24b1st


3 master hitachi HDT725 (boot drive)

3 slave none





I have read that OSX requires channel 0 to boot ??

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