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HOW TO - Setup Snow Leopard FTP Server

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I take no credit for this, the method comes from my good friend Radial :P


This will allow you to setup Snow Leopard FTP server giving remote access to an FTP folder in Users/Shared/FTP



BOLD = input


username = name of the account.



1. Create Standard user in System Preferences > Accounts


2. Use terminal for the following:


cd /Users/Shared


mkdir FTP


sudo chown -R username:staff ./FTP <--- replace username with name you created in Accounts


sudo chmod -R 777 ./FTP


touch ./FTP/ftpworking <--- This is just so when you login later you can tell you are logged in to the correct dir, you can delete when done.


sudo nano -w /etc/ftpchroot and enter * then press CTRL+X and press Y to save <-- This locks the user to their home dir.



3. Right click username in System Preferences > Accounts and select Advanced Options



4. Change Home Directory to /Users/Shared/FTP and click OK



5. Enable FTP in System Preferences > Sharing



6. Add /Users/Shared/FTP to Shared Folders and remove any other and add users/ set permissions as required



7. Use Terminal to login as the user to make sure all is ok:



ftp 21 and input username & password as requested



ls -l to do a directory listing



If all is ok you will see the file ftpworking you created above.



Type bye to logout of the server




Enjoy !


D :D

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It's dirty, but it works :wacko: Glad you got sorted mate.




Thanks to you dude!


LOL - 6 posts in 4 years :P

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Yeah, really pushing the boat out aren't I?!? I guess I'm just a forum voyeur ;)


nowt wrong with that.

you've taught me enough face to face on those quiet weekend shifts - or is that more like I've badgered you to death when you're trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet ! :D

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