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Snow Leopard 10.6 - 10.6.5 install Asus Rampage 2 Extreme + i7 920 + GTX285 + AD2000B


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This guide is for installing Snow Leopard on a system with the following hardware:


Asus Rampage 2 Extreme (bios 1802)

Nvidia GTX 285

AD2000B Audio

Intel i7 920


What do you need:

a real mac :D

retail Snow leopard

the right kexts (added to this post)


step 1

connect de hdd on wich you want to install Snow Leopard to the real mac. I did this with a sata connector from inside an external usb hdd.


step 2

install Snow leopard with the mac on the hdd.


step 3

boot into the real mac and install chameleon. (search this forum or google it on how-to)


step 4

create an Extra folder on the EFI partition and put the files from the folder "pre-update" (located into the attached zip) in the Extra folder.


the kexts located in the zip are for the audio and some other stuff. the graphics are working with the native drivers and the card is injected via the boot.plist in the extra folder.


step 5

put the hdd into the hackintosh pc and boot up.


step 6

go to software-update and update snow leopard to 10.6.5 (or the latest 10.6.6, I confirm it's working). after the reboot you have to copy the files from the folder "after-update" into your extra folder.


if the audio is still not working after you copied the after-update kexts and rebooted than you may have to install the applehda.kext into system/library/extensions


step 7

Enjoy your hackintosh ;)



Youtube video for the end result:



if you run into any problems let me know.


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Hey just curious if i leave out the plist will it still work because I have a different video card. (ati 5970)



I don't know if that works, maybe you get an image but its in a strange resolution without support for your videocard.


You should try this:


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I am getting "Still waiting for root device"!!!


My configuration is:


Asus Rampage 2 Extreme (bios 1802)

Ato HD5850

AD2000B Audio

Intel i7 920, 6GB of Ram



I have done everything as written. Olny Installed chameleon on SnowLeopard partition, not on EFI. Putted the kexts from pre-update folder into Extra folder.


Sata mode is set to IDE!


Any Thoughts?





No Kernel Panics! Only "Still waiting for root device"!



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hi, my pc spec : rampage || extre,e with x-fi sound

cori7 920

geforce gtx 295

6gb ram corseir 1600

1 tb wd with ahci



i formated my passport with guid nd jounaled ,,,,,, installed leopard 10.6 with vmware wokstaion..

then instal chameleon rc5 on my pasport and creat extra folder

then reset my pc and startup with my passport,

after loading chameleon ,,,and doing some progress bar it said that i should turn the pc offf

with -v it stop at the line about marvelcontrol.....

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