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  1. nvidia GTX 560 Ti SLI (OS X Lion)

    oke thanks You know of any way I could disable the second PCI port via my DSDT file? many thanks, speedy61
  2. Hi there, I successfully installed Lion on my PC, but the thing is i can only boot it up if i remove 1 Videocard. So i need help to disable my second PCI-E slot or second GPU, or to get SLI working. I have 2xGTX 560 Ti I used This tutorial to get the card working. Thanks in advance With kind regards, Speedy61
  3. Hi, I don't know if that works, maybe you get an image but its in a strange resolution without support for your videocard. You should try this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1541985
  4. This guide is for installing Snow Leopard on a system with the following hardware: Asus Rampage 2 Extreme (bios 1802) Nvidia GTX 285 AD2000B Audio Intel i7 920 What do you need: a real mac retail Snow leopard the right kexts (added to this post) step 1 connect de hdd on wich you want to install Snow Leopard to the real mac. I did this with a sata connector from inside an external usb hdd. step 2 install Snow leopard with the mac on the hdd. step 3 boot into the real mac and install chameleon. (search this forum or google it on how-to) step 4 create an Extra folder on the EFI partition and put the files from the folder "pre-update" (located into the attached zip) in the Extra folder. the kexts located in the zip are for the audio and some other stuff. the graphics are working with the native drivers and the card is injected via the boot.plist in the extra folder. step 5 put the hdd into the hackintosh pc and boot up. step 6 go to software-update and update snow leopard to 10.6.5 (or the latest 10.6.6, I confirm it's working). after the reboot you have to copy the files from the folder "after-update" into your extra folder. if the audio is still not working after you copied the after-update kexts and rebooted than you may have to install the applehda.kext into system/library/extensions step 7 Enjoy your hackintosh Youtube video for the end result: if you run into any problems let me know. kexts.zip
  5. Thank you for your reply thadoggfather123, But unfortunatly i have an Ati card so that isnt going to work for me. thanks, Speedy61
  6. no, im still waiting for an solution
  7. Hi tcozman, I only have selected on the installer the main package and bootloader. is your partition id set to AF? if not it will not boot so i have some instructions to do so. 1. Start up a terminal from the install disk 2. su to root 3. Start the fdisk command, supplying the path to your disks' "whole disk" node. Mine (on primary master) was /dev/rdisk0 - yours may vary if you have other HDs installed, and the -e flag (interactive mode). Example: fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 * You should be greeted by a prompt like: fdisk: 1> 4. Proceed to edit the partition entry where MAC is installed, by typing: edit "partition number" (without quotes) 5. You will be prompted for four pieces of information: * Partition Id: AF (BSD or HFS+ partition ID, I think) * CHS mode: n (to use sector counts instead) * Partition offset: accept the default (it starts directly after the previous partition) * Partition size: accept the default (it uses as much free contiguous space as possible) 6. Write the partition table to disk, by typing: write * You probably will be told that the partition table could not be written to the disk, and prompted as to whether you wish it written on next reboot. Tell it: y 7. Quit fdisk, by typing: quit 8. Reboot your machine. I hope this works for you.
  8. Hi there, I have a problem with my audio on my Alienware m5550 notebook I have installed iAtkos 2.0i everything is working except my audio and video first audio, i only get audio via headphones after a clean install. then ive got only 1 thing in the output list "HD Audio Output" my audio device is an ALC880, the strange thing is that if i go to system profiler it says: Device ID: 0x15849077 i find this a very strange number because all the others with an ALC880 have a number with 880 on the end. i tried the following things: edit the applehda.kext and add the device number (not working) beta4some861_880models (not working) ALC880_Leo patch from this post http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=96398 (i got now in the ouput list Headphones wich are not working anymore and something else but i dont remember what. in the input list are now standing the internal speakers 3 times.) AppleHDA patcher (not working, even with my own created dump file ) second video, i have a x1400 and i've made it so far, now i have quartz extreme supported. the only thing is the resolution. i can't get it to 1280x800. i tried to do it by adding the <key>Graphics Mode</key><string>1280x800x32</string> line into the boot.plist, that doesn't work for me. also i've tried to insert the line "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" at the darwin boot loader, that doesn't work either. i'm searching for 2 days now and i really want to get this working. I hope someone has a solution. System Specs: Motherboard 915GM Intel Dual core T7200 @2.00Ghz Ati mobility x1400 1gb ram Intel HD audio Intel Wireless 3945ABG