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DVDRW not detected..! in native mode...


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I installed osx in vmware and then used chain0 to boot natively. If have a Nforce4 board and a SATA hard disk.It boots in safemode but my DVDRW is not detected.


It shows no burning device found.I cant even reinstall mac from the dvd as my dvdrw is not detected..!! I guess this is becoz the ATA drivers are not being loaded and only the Serial-ATA drivers are loaded for my sata disk.


Is there ne way to force it to happen ??


I am sure my DVDRW is supported...I have a Lite-on DVDRW SOHC 1673S and it is in the HCL


P.S I can see my DVDRW in VMWARE though :blink::blink:




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