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I have to inform you i have no sata options at all in my bios, all it is is description of the computer and boot options, plus some unnecessary options. I have no clue if im running AHCI or IDE.

Next the specs:


AMD Turion x2 2.5ghz - N530

AMD M880G with 256mb ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 running 1366x768x59

Altec Lansing HD Speakers, Idk the model number.

Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (Which i hear that its native in SL)

HP 1444 Motherboard, AMD 785GX Chipset.


Now the problem:


I turn on my laptop, and enter the bios for the first time (praying for the best) and as i thought, a typical hp bios, no options at all, im not sure if theres ways to unlock them, but my mindless google journey shows none.

So i next popped in the hazard 10.6 disc in which is intel & amd, i saw the first 5 kernels load i think, then my screen flashes, as if its going into the smaller text faze, or probally the boot faze, of the dvd but i see a blank blueish black screen...

I pop in my iatkos v7 and it loads great, and i get the installation complete, when it boots, it does the exact same thing, but its dvd loads. I was wondering if my graphics card was the problem, if leopard supported but Sleopard didnt, but then again why would they un-support something...

I cant turn my graphics card off in the bios so far i know, as i've spent hours trying sequences of buttons to unlock options.

I have tried cpu=1, and busratio=20, both at the same time, and nothing seems to work.


I hope this long description doesn't repel anyone away, and that it doesnt go to waste

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Not a chance, it's unaccelerated framebuffer graphics for you:



Before i bought this laptop, hp told me it was upgradeable graphics so is there a mobile ati card thats decent and supported, i know that none are fully supported, but one that will let me boot up again, which i dont know what you mean by not a chance because i have booted an installation of iatkos v7 and i canalways boot the disc, the hazard disc wont even boot.

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