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What is InMac v1.1 10.6.5 ?


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I just not succeeded to install OSx 10.6.5 on my PC, so i was looking for a new solution and i found InMac v1.1, it is available everywhere but no one even say a word about how to install it !!

All informattions are that it is for installing Mac os 10.6.5 in usb ! And it's exactly what i want (Actually external hard drive).


When i downloaded it, there is two dmg :

one Boot : containing Chameleon RC4 and RC5

and another called InMac : containing Mac files, not the installation files.


I tried to restore it a the thumb and and install chameleon two but doesn't work, kernel panic with the "CPU 0 called" stuff... even with x32 -v -f -x cpus=1 :P


Any one knows something about this ? How to install it or if it really works?

Thank you. :P

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