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What graphic card should I buy?


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Hello there!


I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB PCI-e with two monitors (Dual DVI) running very fine on my Leopard hack installation (iPC 10.5.6).


But I'm trying to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Everything goes fine, except the video card. I can't get two monitors or QE/CI with this card... :unsure:


Here's my questions: which graphic card I could buy to replace this old HD3850?

What do you guys think it's better? ATI or nVIDIA?


What would be a good and cheap model?


And, MOST IMPORTANT, which one will be easy to install and run "smooth" in Snow Leopard?


I just need two monitors and QE/CI enabled. I'll not use for gaming or stuff like that...


Thanks in advance & happy new year!!!

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Geforce 9500 GT. Cheap and fully supported.


Thanks for you help!!!


And about the 9600GT, the same?


Because the price here, in Brazil, is almost the same and I belive it's a better GPU, am I right?


I just really need two "independent" monitors and QE/CI fully working...

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Yes, on paper the 9600 GT is a little more than twice as fast as the 9500 GT.


However the 8800 GT is only a little bit more expensive but a lot faster than the 9600 GT.. and so on and so on. You have to stop somewhere...


Here's a screenshot of a 9600 GT with device ID 0x0622 working in Leopard 10.5.5:



Look for other users with a 9600 GT working in Snow Leopard and decide for yourself. You may have to add the device ID to the appropriate kexts yourself. Google 'guide for all nvidia boards' to learn how to do that.


Good Luck.

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