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Video Questions - Need Help Fast

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My situation:

I'm very PC Literate, I've been a repair technician for 15years and I'm not doing bad on the mac, I could probably get this done if someone can push me in the right direction.

We have no terrestrial or satellite TV connected to our Living room LCD TV.

We Have over 4TB of Movies/Episodes in DivX, Xvid, WMV & MP4 on our main PC that is on split screen to the LCD TV and Monitor.

I've just taken the jump to install OSX 10.6.3 which I Love and I need to get my family to at least like soon before i'm forced to go back to Windows.

Everything is working great (split screen, audio through HDMI etc), so assume I have a fully working MAC.


I need Playlist functionality, playing one episode at a time is not acceptable when some kids shows are only 5 min long. We would be constantly putting the next thing on for my son. Movies are ok like that.


Itunes seems ideal, but from googling it seems impossible to add all these formats.

and Converting 1000's of videos to mp4 is nearly out of the question. but I'm almost but very reluctantly willing to consider it.


Is there any way I'm missing to add these to itunes?

Is there any media player out there similar to windows media player?

VLC is good but I cant seem to make playlists?


Anyway, Long and the short. I need things to play one after the next with no user intervention, Otherwise byebye OSX.

Surely, OSX with its "water in to wine" reputation has this function somewhere.


Please help. My mac future depends on it.

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