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stuttering audio and video


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hi guys this is my first post on here and my first visit :wacko:


ok here is the problem i will provide you with as much as i know i really need help with this small but annoying problem ok i am running macosx snow leopard on vmware it runs absolutely fine i can use all the features as if it was a mac however when i play music or watch a video on youtube the sound and video is jerky and distorted the video plays fast then slow and stuff and this happens to all sfx aswell i have a 9600gt gpu and im using an onboard sound card on a msi 790fx gd70 mobo its an amd based win7 ultimate 64bit system.

help would be very much appreciated as i need it working in the next few days so my gf can edit a project she has for work she will only use a mac lol

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:wacko: i was hoping it would be able to run it like an emulated mac in the fullest its pretty close though everything else works with it but the parts i needed to work don't lol she has to render a long hd video which would take forever on her macbook pro but my pc eats that kinda thing so i was hoping to get the best of both worlds.


what causes this problem is there anything i can do to improve it? my processor should be able to handle the workload its a phenom 2 955 @ 4ghz. is it just vmware is slow or something?

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