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Kernel Panic with Graphics Enabler Enabled.


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Hi folks,


I'm currently experiencing mixed success with my installation of Iatkos S3v2. My hardware is as follows:

MoBo: Asus p7p55d-e

CPU: Intel core i5-760

GFX: XFX GeForce 6800XT


Along 2x HDD's on SATA, one DVD-RW on sata, and another DVD-RW on IDE, using the JMicron controller.


Install went fine, currently using the vanilla kernel, booting with the busratio=22 kernel flag.


All my hardware seems to be functioning correctly, however, I don't seem to be able to enable Graphics Acceleration at all. I've tried various methods, including editing kexts, using enablers, etc.


So I did a clean install, because my previous attempts were in a somewhat sleep-deprived state! Selecting drivers for my hardware, and also the Chameleon Bootloader, and the Graphics Enabler option.


However, when I booted, this simply froze. So I booted into Windows, removed the Graphics enabler option, and rebooted, this booted successfully, and I was able to boot to OSX, and install the 10.6.4 combo update.


This is about where I stand at the moment really, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


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ok ... so booting with "arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v"


now I get "ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out.


do I still need to edit my GeForce Kexts to include the device Id's? Or maybe install a different driver for ACPI?

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