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iPod Shuffle 4th Gen - superficial software limitation.

TOS 1.04

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My sister got an iPod shuffle for christmas - my mum asked for my advice on which mp3 player to get and i said any kind of ipod because in my opinion they are the nicest with the easiest and most logical interface.


Now I have the annoying task of finding OS 10.5 PPC torrents and updating two computers because Apple decided not to allow iTunes 10 to work on 10.4 and at the same time not update device support on iTunes 9... What a horrible thing to find out on christmas day - i don't give a {censored} whether or not they print the requirements on the box in tiny print - the point is that this is an ipod shuffle there aren't any amazing new features that require the latest system to simply add tracks to the device, it would take minimal effort to add device support for older computers and instead they upset people because of their own agenda of forcing users to pay for updated OS.


Is there any 3rd party software for iPods? or a way to hack the iPod to make iTunes9 recognise it or vice versa?

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