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  1. Apple Supporting Stop Online Privacy Act?

    This news is kind of a coincidence ... seeing as i just tried to visit Insanely Mac only to find that the ISP British Telecom is blocking insanelymac.com (yes i know BT suck and i'm stuck with them). I'm currently accessing the site over an ssh proxy. I find it odd how newzbin makes the headlines as BT blocks them but not other sites? i guess Apple has more power over media than i thought. ... Time to start up some more VPN providers on the moon.
  2. My sister got an iPod shuffle for christmas - my mum asked for my advice on which mp3 player to get and i said any kind of ipod because in my opinion they are the nicest with the easiest and most logical interface. Now I have the annoying task of finding OS 10.5 PPC torrents and updating two computers because Apple decided not to allow iTunes 10 to work on 10.4 and at the same time not update device support on iTunes 9... What a horrible thing to find out on christmas day - i don't give a {censored} whether or not they print the requirements on the box in tiny print - the point is that this is an ipod shuffle there aren't any amazing new features that require the latest system to simply add tracks to the device, it would take minimal effort to add device support for older computers and instead they upset people because of their own agenda of forcing users to pay for updated OS. Is there any 3rd party software for iPods? or a way to hack the iPod to make iTunes9 recognise it or vice versa?
  3. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Ahh... now i managed to get my NVCAP before... got it from within OS X somehow, but anyway i was only using it for making my DSDT, i never bothered trying to insert it into my GFX string - i just used a default that looked similar. This must have been the key thing i was doing wrong last time when i tried ATY, thanks for all the tips it's a great help Going to try give it a go over the holiday.
  4. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    ok great, thanks for all the info leon, So just to clarify... 10.6.5 works for you with: stock NV* & GeForce* kexts with inserted device ids' IOUSB* kexts from 10.6.4 The ATY kext the iUpgrade package gfx boot string Do you think there is any reason why starting with 10.6.5 with those things wouldn't work? i'm going to try start with a 10.6.5 clone just because it's faster for me to get configured... i've got a 6800 XT 256MiB a bit older than yours - so i expect that if i run into any problems it's just because it's too old. I have been trying DSDT - i hear that it is supposed to be the best way also, but i was only trying it because i heard that it was the only way for AGP cards on 10.6 ... but you really need to learn the DSDT language and understand what you are doing - it's hard if you've never dealt with hardware at that level before. I never succeeded in making it work for my card.
  5. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    And you've retained the GeForce* & NV* extensions from 10.6.1 through the updates? btw recently there have been some problems with the 10.6.5 GeForce* and NV* extensions update, (on official mac machines), there's lots of threads discussing the issues on the Apple Forums... My MBP has had some pretty serious glitches on it's 9400M & 9400M GT causing complete freezes... As a result i tried to use the extensions from 10.6.4 but they were not compatible (KP or lack of GUI rendering)... although maybe it depends on the exact card you are using. As a result i've had to downgrade to 10.6.4 on my real mac... bad Apple. but i'd be interested on how far you can make those extensions go on your card. Also could you do me a favor and get-info on any one of the GeForce or NV extensions from your working agp installation and post the version number? (all of the GeForce and NV extensions should share the same version numbers. So far i know that: On OS 10.6.5 GeForce/NV Extensions Version = (256.00.15f04) On OS 10.6.4 GeForce/NV Extensions Version = (19.5.8f01) It would be a great help if we knew the version number of the extensions that definitely work.
  6. I tend to say "O-S-X" just because that's how i first started pronouncing it. Although i know that it aught to be "O-S-TEN", i never remember to say it that way. It really doesn't matter that much, if people judge you by how you pronounce the name of an OS then they aren't really worth speaking to. It's like people who will decide that you are technically ignorant if you say "Linux" instead of "GNU Linux".
  7. Apple Forums

    I signed up on the Apple forums about 5 years ago when i needed to ask some questions... i then continued to use it and joined in with discussions and helping others. I stopped using it shortly after, finding that the point system they used to encourage the helping of users created spamming of generic fixes and made for lots of abrasive exchanges between the excessive point gatherers. I recently returned because i wanted to post about the recent nvidia device driver update included in 10.6.5 which has some pretty bad bugs... and started using the forum again more generally. This time i found not only the previous problems but also excessive editing of posts by invisible moderators... some controversial topics that i had discussed in an open and fair manner had simply been deleted, and any disputes between the native angry apple point addicts (who are very assuming, stubborn and some plainly irrational) are deleted or excessively edited to the point where you are not able to defend yourself. You simply cannot voice your opinion - or even if you try to defend your advice/posts from a persistently rude apple point goblin with facts with even the hint of an annoyed tone then your response is deleted because it is irelivent to the thread... So basically it's ok to go around saying your wrong... but it's not ok for those people to defend their opinion or sight sources to support facts. It's kind of upsetting because that is the first place many new mac users go - and for them to see all of this casts mac users and mac techs in a bad light. This has left me feeling like the whole forum is very unfriendly for any kind of discussion... and yet ironically the name of the forum is Apple Support - Discussions, i think a more accurate name would be Apple's highly moderated crowd sourcing for support It seems so absurd compared to more open forums like this one where only spamming is censored. What are you're experiences and thoughts?
  8. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Seriously? that sounds crazy easy compared to all of the methods others have gone through. I tried the ATY kext earlier this year with no joy (i think it's mentioned at the beginning of this thread somewhere by others also). Has there been an updated version released? What are your other hardware specs? CPU type and datawidth etc... oh and what kernel (vanilla or legacy?) is the rest of the system from a vanilla install with the addition of an EFI emulator or are you using a ready-made iso? You've at least instilled a little more hope for me... i was thinking of abandoning this machine. Thanks Leon. It's good to see that others are getting results with this... it looks like maybe it's just more sensitive to OS version - What was the base version that you were using that worked? I bought the retail DVD and i think it's 10.6.2 so i'm a bit screwed if it's lower than that. I was testing on a 10.6.4 clone from my MBP before though - so that would make sense as to why the ATY kext was a no go for me before.
  9. Nice scripts... I got an intel X25-M 120GB SSD a few days ago, works great out of the box but i've been looking through the various possible tweaks, and watching how frequently OS X makes writes with istat (very frequently :s) One other tweak that i haven't seen mentioned here is ram disks... this can also be an improvement on regular HDDs for responsiveness... but for SSDs the advantage is less writes and longer life. The idea is to link certain directories to ram disks on start up... i.e. "/var/tmp" which are frequently written to by the system. That directory is ok to loose of course so you dont have to worry about writing it back (because obviously the ram disk is volotile). But if you want to try other files/directories that are frequently written and aught to be kept (i.e. logs) then they may need to be written back to disk on sleep or shutdown... another benefit might be application user caches, i.e safari... which shows lots of disk io while browsing but doesn't really take up much space. Of course this all depends on how much ram you have to burn... if you don't have much then the ram disk get's paged out but that really shouldn't happen in anything but the most of extreme circumstances since os x should keep things that are in use in real memory... even if it is paged out then it will still cause beneficially less io operations while in use. The process of making a ram disk is quite simple... the tricky part is what point to invoke it in the startup script so things don't get F'ed up. [edit] here's the link for designating ram disks for specific directories: http://blogs.nullvision.com/?p=357 Getting used to this new near silent operation (installed my SSD in a unibody MBP) start to hear all sorts of really quiet IC sounds that i would have never heard before (yes the chips actually make sounds !) if i put my ear close to the left side of the logic board the sata controller sounds like a really quiet HDD actuator... but more like noise than clicks... although you can only barely hear it during high IO operations.
  10. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    It's been a while since i've gone back to my project but is this still the case? i thought i found a legacy kernel version for OS 10.6 that was fully SSE2 compatible... i could be wrong. If i remember correctly everything as far as i had tested in terms of basic operation worked fine... only the graphics were messed up because of lack of hardware acceleration. As SSE3 emulation had come so far in terms of efficiency since the semthex days i thought that other than speed - instruction sets became more of a superficial limitation than a hardware one??
  11. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Nevermind :/ this thread is dead and i give in... 10.5 it is.
  12. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Ok hoping that someone knows what i'm doing wrong here... I'm trying for 10.6 for a bit longer because as far as i can tell the NVDANV40Hal.kext is loading and the card is correctly recognised in the system profile, and it doesn't say "kext not loaded" which it usually does... also the NVDANV40Hal and NVDANV50Hal kext appear as loaded in the boot sequence just before DMOS arives... I still had to actually insert my device id into the kexts to get them to load... not sure if i should have to be doing this in combination with the DSDT?? But despite all this i still have no video acceleration, no QE/QI whatever So the system is a fresh vanilla 10.6.4 (other than the added device id in the geforce and NVDAN40Hal kexts) I'm using a separate EFI partition with chameleon, this contains my modified DSDT, smbois (this came with it), the legacy kernel (CPU is SSE2), some ATA kext which i needed to boot from PATA, SMC kext, and this ATY kext which is supposed to be used in combination with this DSDT hack? I've tried inserting the DSDT snippet under both Scope (\_SB) sections and Scope (\_SB.PCI0) sections, the system only boots when it's compiled under the Scope (\_SB) section. The other makes it reset or hang on DSMOS arriving. Is there any kexts i need to remove from the vanilla install? any kexts i should or shouldn't have in the extra extensions directory for the DSDT hack, or is there anything i should be tweaking in my BIOS? (AGP apature size is set to 256MiB - same as card, i've tried 64MiB). Any advice at all is appreciated. Thanks
  13. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Ok I've tried and i'm ether going to try 10.5 or 10.4 but i thought It might be useful to post what i have tried here: Card: XFX nVidia GeForce 6800 XT ID: 0x00f610de VRAM: 256MiB Interface: AGP NVCAP: 0x04 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x09 0x00 0x06 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x07 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 I tried pcj's DSDL, Couldn't get my own rom so extracted the nvcap from a bios file for my card that i found floating about, inserted this, changed the name, inserted into my DSDL and added the needed DTGP method that jarodsix mentioned. Compiled ok. Now in sys profile i get the correct card information, but i've tried the vanilla kexts, tried adding my device id, tried in combination with the ATY kext whatever that is, and AGPgart (not sure whether this is needed). All i get is ether a reset upon DSMOS arriving or a hang, sometimes a purple screen before reseting. Any advice? or is it best just to abandon SL?
  14. nVidia Quadro FX 700 (AGP)

    I cannot find any record of anyone trying to get hardware acceleration with this card on any version of OS X. It's an AGP card... according to wikipedia the Quadro FX 700 uses the same chip as the GeForce FX 5600. This made me wonder if any of the methods for that card would work for the Quadro equivalent? Maybe with some ROM flashing or something? Still info on the GeForce FX 5600 is hard to come by. I've tried it on 10.6.4 with no joy (other than vesa) I'm going to give 10.4.x a go soon which i think is more likely to work with AGP. Any info appreciated
  15. Direct X for MacOSX

    haha, I'm not sure whether the beginning of this thread is sarcastic or hopelessly ignorant. Well... not officially, but it's not the first time the functionality of proprietary software has been rewritten to act exactly the same and then released as open source... ever heard of unix... lol You've probably heard of WINE (the win-32 library compatibility layer that's been kicking around on linux and BSD for decades), and it's relatively recent porting to OS X, aka crossover in user friendly form... this contains a DX9 compatible substitute library... that effectively is a standalone DX9 graphics library for OS X, BSD, Linux and any other POSIX OS you care to compile it for... since software utilizing DX is only written for windows there's no point in using it outside of WINE. And indeed they did... while they haven't exactly turned to OpenGL natively, they decided to stick with the result of all their previous efforts to create an engine which uses DX (sensible from the business side of things i guess), this means they also get to keep a single development path for their graphics engine. Instead they wrote a DX to GL layer, this is basically what the WINE DX library does, as all of the OS it runs on use GL. So basically the core engine is the same (but compiled for OS X of course) with the addition of this module that receives all the DX calls and converts them to GL, and it's bloody efficient at it too. What would be good is if Valve licensed this module so that other windows game devs could release their games on any and all of the platforms supporting OpenGL.